Rant & Rave Friday

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Re: Rant & Rave Friday

  • TGIF for sure!!

    RANT: my job is only getting worse - they have reneged on literally everything they promised me when they hired me and have even gone as far as telling me that they dont want my vacation to start until 6 months after I was hired (just told me that this week after I brought up time off for my wedding - it was never brought up before... and so now the days I have to take off will not be paid)

    RAVE: Got our marriage license today, have dress and tux fittings tomorrow and an interview on Tuesday! WOOHOO!

    Have a great weekend all :)
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    Rant:  Doctors want to take out my gallbladder and I don't like the thought of taking out random body parts because they don't know how else to fix it.  But it's been causing me issues all week so I might consider changing my mind.

    Rave:  Going to go check out a new venue spot, 1927, tonight.  It's not really seeing like it's "the one" but it's just as good to knock somethiing off the list too.
  • Rant: This has felt like the longest week EV-ER! 3:30 cannot get here fast enough!

    Rave: My daughter is gone camping with my parents (they left yesterday) and although I miss her TONS (she's 6), I'm so excited for a weekend of adult time, which will start off with a pedi and shellac nails :)

    Have a great weekend everyone!
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