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I dont know what to do!

So...I just spent the last two days in the hospital. I've had a lot of health problems in my 26 years of life...  To make a long story short, FI and I found out we're expecting!  We're both very excited about this.  We've talked about having kids before and we both want large families. We weren't actively trying to get pregnant but we weren't actively preventing either. 

So now...here's my dilemma.  Do we still go ahead with the wedding and planning now?  I mean, we want to get married, theres no doubt about that. And our wedding date is set for next October, so I would already have the baby by then...but he/she would only be about 5/6 months old. 

The only reason Im questioning having the wedding still is we havent set anything in stone yet.  No STD's, no deposits on anything.  We literally just started all of the planning.  I found the dress I love but I havent put a penny toward it yet. 

Another thing, we don't want to rush into getting married before we have the baby because we don't want people to think thats WHY we're getting married.  We've told a lot of our friends and family about the proposal and pending wedding plans. 

I really dont know what to do.  Do we wait and keep our original date of the wedding but cut our budget and everything in half...babies are $$$!  Or do we wait and put it off untill after the new year, a 2013 wedding? 
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