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Plans for the weekend?

What kind of exciting plans does everyone have for this weekend?

I know I will be green with envy thinking about Jessie! Good thoughts goin her way!!

WR~ All kinds of stuff to do! It is the last weekend before the wedding. Wash clothes & pack, start gathering everything to take to venue, once and for all write table numbers on escort cards, iron all the boys' shirts, etc. My FAVE thing I have to do is go tan and then play with wedding make-up with my best friend!!

NWR~ um....I do want the watch the last Star Wars. I am actually enjoying them! I had an ah-ha moment when Pad-Mai was prego and the whole "Luke, I am your father". Everyone has heard that whether you have seen Star Wars or not, now it just makes sense to me :)

soon to be his MRS!!!

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