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Offbeat Weddings

I don't even know what to call it

There's enough offbeat by virtue of the fact that we're getting married to ignore the obvious. 

Let's just move on to the stuff that's offbeat by style.

Vaguely pin-up, very music focused (cuz we're nerds like that)...

The question is, how to do retro and still maintain classy? I LOVE the retro feel, love love LOVE the Bettie Page feel but I'm just not sure how to get that without it looking kitschey. 

My pinterest board has SOME of what I mean, but... *le sigh* Our style is such a smorgasboard (she wants to wear white suspenders, to give you an idea of the direction we're going)...

Rat Pack-esque with the pin-up feel... Anyone catching my vibe here?
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Re: I don't even know what to call it

  • im doing the whole retro rock and roll theme for our wedding.Alot of our decorations are gonna be with records it you google "record wedding decor" it gives good ideas from records being the place mats, the table numbers, and the centerpieces.Also if you look on offbeatbride.com they have alot of ideas.
  • There are some amazing decorations and centrepieces with records that I've seen, so that's TOTALLY workable and looks great!

    Your attire is a fun way to tie these themes in.... have fun with hair fascinators, bird cage style veils, etc... the stuff that will look 'wedding' but fit your theme too!
    Also some of the shorter style wedding dresses really would add to your theme, this picture is one that came to mind and I had to dig up again just to share. I'm not so big a fan of the shrug she has on over the dress, but the shorter skirt with the pop of colour is fun (I'm having black crinoline so I may be biased lol)

    Here's an inspiration board from a Rat Pack themed wedding that has some fun stuff included on it:
  • http://pinterest.com/ordinaryfemale/pretties/ 

    Teeeeeeeny tiny clickable thingy down in the siggy too

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the dress, BMcL... LOVE LOVE LOVE it... and the friggin board you posted has me all squirmy... not gonna lie. I'm In. Love. with it.

    Capital I. Capital L.

    Going to say "HI!" at OBB today. Thanks so far guys, you all pretty much rule.

    Just sayin'
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  • And I quote, "I would not be caught dead in a skirt."

    She's wearing pants. The pinstripes are what I'm HOPING she'll do (cuz omg she's hot in pinstripes) and I LOVE a black dress shirt with a suit.

    If I could find a zoot suit....... *sighs all dreamy like*

    As for me, I don't know... I'm skerred my face is too round for pin curls, but egad, if I could. I just cut 12 inches off my head hairs for LoL and it rests just at my shoulders now... shortest it's been in 10 years, so I'm not entirely sure what I can even do to it. I've never HAD short hair before!!

    *scampers off to google 'fascinator'*
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  • OH!!! Is THAT what those are called...? Gotcha. *notes it*
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  • LOVE your theme!!!  We are doing offbeat theme as well.  Romantic/Gothic phantom of the opera type theme... with tones of black and purple.
    Would love to see photos of your wedding when it's all said and done. What are your colors?
    Will keep my eyes open for cute ideas for your theme as I'm looking for stuff for ours...
    Have you seen the retro corsets on ebay?  Really cute and maybe a petticoat type skirt?  Can send you links.  Email me
    [email protected]
    Robin and Amy
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