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Married on a Mountain

My FI and I want to get married on top of a mountain. We are avid hikers, and so are all of our friends. I would like to do that, have our best friend marry us, and then have a reception somewhere so I can wear a real wedding dress. Unfortunatley, my Dad sounded upset on the phone when I told him about this idea. He has always joked for me to go off to Vegas or something so it wasn't so expensive. I thought he was just being funny, but now I feel like he might be upset because he can't make it up the mountain (even a small one) at his age. He just said ("I guess I'll just have to give you away at the bottom"). I feel like that is the saddest thing ever, considering he raised me on his own, and I am his only child. How do I make it a great day for the both of us? I am on a budget because my FI and I have decided to pay for most of the wedding ourselves. We don't want to burden our parents with this debt. I just want everything to be perfect for everyone! I'm excepting any ideas for Georgia weddings!

Re: Married on a Mountain

  • Could you get married at the bottom of the mountain, followed by a celebratory climb?  That way your dad can be there for the actual wedding part.
  • Are there any ski hills in the area? There are lots of weddings at Blue Mountain here in Canada and they actually have a gondola to take people to the top, biking trails, and even a jeep trail! Might be an idea
  • You could look for a location that is more of a ridge or cliff so your Dad could have a flat walk out to the site, but it still has the visual of being at the top of the world. That might be too much of a compromise for your dream. If you're near a coast this kind of location should be very doable. Good luck. I am also doing a tiny wedding ceremony but under a cherry tree in the woods in Seattle. :-) Specific tree TBD.
  • What about Stone Mountain? I know it's super touristy but I'm fairly sure they allow weddings in the Stone Mountain Park and possibly on top of the mountain. I'm sure it's not your ideal mountain ceremony but I know they have cable cars and trains that go up to the top so your dad might be able to go with you. 

    You'll never please everyone when it comes to your wedding but at some point you'll just have to weigh if having your dad present means more than having the wedding on top of a mountain. It feels like either way you're going to regret something; either not having it on the mountain or not having your dad present. 

    Good luck OP! I hope you can find a great compromise.
  • Thanks everyone for the great ideas!! I'm definitely going to start thinking outside the box and make this happen!! I'll keep you posted!
  • get married on a mountain that has a lift or gondola in season when you get married. this way he can get lifted to the top.
  • I hope I'm not too late to chime in! Seeing that you're from Atlanta I know you've either heard of or been to Helen, Ga the little German or Swiss looking town in north Georgia. There is a wedding chapel there that has outstanding prices for weddings and we've thought of that ourselves. Have you thought of getting married on one of the scenic spots on the drive through the Georgia mountains or the Appalachian Trail? You might have to compromise and it may not be hiking up a mountain but it would be the top of one, or close enough, and your father could still give you away. It's breath taking and I would rather go to the mountains up there than almost anywhere besides I was just engaged up there this past Saturday!
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