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Renaissance/Tudor era in theme anyone?

Hello all.  My fiance and I are considering integrating Renaissance/Tudor era elements into our ceremony and two receptions (the second will be at Pennsic 42 in July 2013.  The Pennsic War is, for those who don't know, the largest of the "war" re-enactments for the Society for Creative Anachronism and held in Slippery Rock, PA).  I have been a part of the SCA since I was 18, over 20 years, and it only seems logical for my gown to be a Tudor gown (I usually play 12th century, but just LOVE Tudor gowns).  My fiance's era is the turn of the 20th century--he's a steam engine rail fan.  So I will wear Tudor and he will wear a Tuxedo ensemble that I think we are targeting towards 1900-1930 era.

However, I NEVER see advice on how to do period themed or period-inclusive weddings.  My brother held an American Civil War wedding when he married in 1995 where he specified "1862" on the program--only to have all the women be blatantly period incorrect!  As in turn of the 20th century dresses for the bridesmaids--and even a period incorrect gown for my sister in law!

So the only real examples of a history-related wedding I've seen has been my brother's disaster.  I look at hair styles here and see NOTHING that relate to me at all.

Is anyone else using history as part of the theme?  Medieval/renaissance?  I would love to bounce ideas off people so our wedding and receptions will be much more period correct and flow better than my brother's!

For sites, we are looking at outdoor locations in both Cambria and Blair counties, PA (we live in Cambria county, despite the "pittsburgh" label on my profile) for the ceremony and indoor ones in the same general area for the first reception.  I am trying to convince my new barony in the SCA to allow us to hold our Pennsic reception in the baronial common area (a big period pavillion used by the entire local group) since neither I nor my fiance camps; we stay in a hotel overnight for Pennsic!

Re: Renaissance/Tudor era in theme anyone?

  • My Wedding in July will have Renaissance Style influences as I am a big history buff and enjoy going to the faires every summer. My Finace however is just starting to get into the faires and would rather not dress in period attire. My wedding dress had a bit of reanaissance flair. Our wedding is going to be outdoors so we are still trying to figure out decorations.  I am open for suggestions.
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