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Mismatched Bridesmaids Help!

I am having a low-mid formal outdoor wedding and for various reasons I've decided to have mismatched bridesmaids. Mainly this is because my girls all have very different body types and because I'm asking them to pay for their own dresses. 

One of my bridesmaids and my mother have expressed concern of this, and I was wondering if anyone has successfully had mismatched bridesmaids? 

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Re: Mismatched Bridesmaids Help!

  • Mismatched bridesmaids dresses has actually become a bit of a trend as of late! I agree with pp, maybe showing some pictures will help :
  • I agree with PPs of showing pictures of mis-matched dresses. Just make sure they all have a few common elements- same color range (earth-tones/navy & amethyst), same length (cocktail/tea/long), similar fabric (satin/chiffon/jersey). It'll look wonderfully eclectic!
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    Are you mismatching the style of the dresses or both the color and the style? I've definitely seen a lot of photos where the color is the same but the BMs have on dresses of a wide range of styles and lengths to suit their preferences. I think mismatching colors would be cool, too -- I'd hope for reds, yellows, and pinks so we'd be like a big bouquet! If the men have on similarly colored or mismatching ties or whatnot, what a beautiful colorful picture that would make! (Perhaps you can tell that I encouraged my MIL NOT to wear a fade-into-the-background mother-of-the-groom dress!)
  • I've looked at some pictures and I think I'm goin go ttry to get everone to buy different dress, but of the same color. I'm going to start a board on pinterest since most of my girls are on there anyway and post dresses I've found online. Hopefully this is let them either buy a dress from there or give them a pretty clear idea what to look for when they go too the store
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    "One of my bridesmaids and my mother have expressed concern of this, and I was wondering if anyone has successfully had mismatched bridesmaids"

    Yes.  To successfully dress bridesmaids in different dresses, coordinate the formality of the dresses.   I had bridesmaids who ranged in size from 6 to 26 and from 5'2" to 6'1.  I selected a color (Blue) and took everyone shopping at the same store (we used David's bridal).  We selected a particular shade of blue (Marine) and a length (floor-length).  Everyone then selected a floor length dress in Marine.  Each was able to select a dress in Marine that looked fantastic on them.     Originally, I had wanted a different shade of dark blue (Midnight) but there wasn't sufficient variety in the Midnight dresses so I changed to Marine.   I had five bridesmaids who were each happy and each looked great.   

    The bridesmaids got one instruction - Look Pretty!  They all came through wonderfully.
  • I love pp's comment that people have opinions about everything. You decide what to listen to and what to smile and say 'thanks for you input' then ignore them! Do what makes you and your bridesmaids happy. There are lots of ways to coordinate, and you can follow some, all, or NONE of those rules. You decide. The only 'rule' I'd probably stick to is the same tone (vibe not color). That doesn't define long/short, color, etc. I'd probably aim for a common sense of formality and playfulness (solemn to club garb), but that's me. What do you want?
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