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Americana and fall theme

I love fall but it's a Labor Day weekend wedding.  I think it might be a little too soon for a full blown fall theme. 

I was also thinking of maybe making the reception dinner more of like a cookout with hotdogs and hamburgers.  Which got me thinking about root beer floats and, apple and cherry pie for dessert.  Which got me thinking about an Americana theme.

So what kinds of fall decor/flowers would fit in with an Americana dinner.

Re: Americana and fall theme

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    I would use lots of reds and whites, and you could use blue accents like ribbons or vases. Any kind of flower would look very pretty.
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    I would agree that red, white, and blue would fit, but I would also looking into doing flowers that are native to the US
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    As far as tying it into fall, I would stick to rustic decorations and maybe a harvest theme.  Labor day might be kinda early for full-blown fall but it is definitely harvest time.  And what's more American than a healthy harvest?  Apples are also indicative of fall but are harvested around labor day and since you were talking about apple pie, working with apples might work.  Of course, you don't want to get too hokey with it.  I for one, LOVE the colors of our garden harvest....purple eggplants, bright red tomatoes, and yellow squash.  All put in a basket together it's actually really pretty.
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    bluebonnets are super Texan...summer/springy and they'! Oh, and pretty! It's an "American flower" to me. I like teenytinas ideas. 
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    wegsmomwegsmom member
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    If you want to do the Americana theme and make it a bit more fall colors...go with the maroon, cream, and navy colors.

    Best of luck.
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    Wegsmom I was thinking about doing those colors.  But like I said I'm so indecisive lol.  I would love to have a "Suprise wedding" let everyone else plan it and just tell me to show up.
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