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Intro & Sea Monkeys!

I have such a weird fond memory of the Sea Monkeys Toy. I say its weird, only because they always died on me. Maybe it was my parent’s faith in me. They always suggested that I would be able to teach the “Monkeys” tricks…. (That never happened, because they always died within a month or so.)

So about a year ago, I came across them at “American Science & Surplus” store here in the good old Milwaukee. I went ahead and bought 2 kits just in case the first kit didn’t work out. Well, it so happened that my luck hadn’t changed. So I guess I’m just not meant to have Sea Monkeys, but to admire them from video via YouTube. SEA MONKEY LINK

Anyway, my name is Rebecca, my wedding date is November 5, 2011. I like it here.

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