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Looking for advice....

I am trying to figure out a date for my wedding.  There is a certain date that is meaningful to me, but it's a Sunday.  Have any of you been to or thrown a Sunday wedding?  Any thoughts on the pros and cons?  
I know it's unconventional (which I'm okay with), but I'm more worried about people leaving early because they have to wake up for work.
Thanks for the help!
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Re: Looking for advice....

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    I think sunday is a great day for a wedding! you might have some people who have to leave early because they have work the next day, but I think everyone has some early leavers no matter what day of the week it is.
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    My wedding is on a Sunday, but its the Sunday of the long weekend so the monday is a holiday. The only thing I have run into thats a bit of an issue is that we are getting married in a church and need to rearrange chairs to make all our guests fit, but there is a service in the church in the morning. So we have to just visualize for the rehersal since we can't set up, and then the guys (groom and groomsmen) have to set up the church at 1:30pm on sunday for the 3:00pm wedding. So its a little bit more work because of that. Also I had a hard time finding someone to give me a reasonable price for hair and makeup because lots of people in that industry apparently take sunday as thier regular day off, so while willing to do it actually wanted to charge me MORE then thier regular pricing (here I thought having a sunday would get me better didn't at all). So hope that helps inform you some more.

    As far as guest, out of our 130 invite, there are 117 coming, so I'd say if guests want to be there, they will be there regardles of what day it is.

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    Ours is Sunday ending at 10pm.  We have a lot of OOT people so for those who come, Monday won't be as much of an issue since they'd have to take off anyway.  Among our young friends, many are teachers (it's a summer wedding) or non-9 to 5 people. 

    As long as you're prepared that some people may not be able to make it, and you're not hoping to party into the wee hours, Sunday will be great!
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    My fiance and I were planning on Sunday wedding (before we decided to elope) because like you the date was special to us, our four year anniversary. For us, we wouldn't have minded at all because we were also probably going to have a during the day wedding since we're straight-edge and would be having zero alcohol at our wedding, nor would we have dancing since we don't really do that either. We wanted something more laidback and inimate as opposed to a roaring party. I'm sure that if you wanted to do a an evening reception on a Sunday that you'd still get guests to have fun with dancing and everything. There's nothing wrong about doing a Sunday wedding...because it's an off day (not a saturday/friday) you might get a cheaper deal on things...or the other way around haha I don't really know but I'm sure you're wedding will be fine on a Sunday. 
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    We're doing a Sunday wedding during the day with a lunch reception.  So far, the only complaint I've had is that people won't be able to go to their usual 10:30 church service.  (We're doing a quick ceremony, not a full mass.)  However, that's not stopping anyone from coming because they said they'll just go on Saturday night instead.

    Honestly, it made it easier for us to get the vendors and venue we wanted and a lunch reception is about half the cost of a dinner reception.  If I could stomach getting up before the sun, I would have done a 9AM wedding with a brunch reception but I am NOT a morning person!
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