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different themes for ceremony and reception

Hi everyone. I'm set to get married in May 2013 and the theme I would like to do is Heavensas in space and Earth. I really love stars and space, and my fiance likes rocks,water,fire,basically all the earthy elements lol. To do this I was going to have an outdoor wedding to represent earth and indoor reception to represent space.I wanted to use turquoise,silverfiancee wants silver in the wedding and black for the ceremony and royal blue,silver and black for the reception. I love both turquoise and royal blue but I can't figure out a way to put them together for both the ceremony and the reception and what colors for everyone to wear. Should I just drop a color and try and use the same colors for both ceremony and reception?

Re: different themes for ceremony and reception

  • You could use black, silver, royal blue, and tourquoise for both. You could do black dresses with royal blue/turquoise accents, flowers, black tuxes with royal blue/turquoise vests/ties, and silver with royal blue/turquoise accents for the decor.

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  • Something that helped me was going to the hardware store and grabbing some paint colors/Pantone chips and holding them together until I found a combo I liked. I took a few extra and kept them in my purse, so when I bought things, I could look at them.
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