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Resident Evil(Zombie)

Our colors are red black and white. I am trying to figure out how to have a Zombie Resident Evil theme but yet make it classy. FH wants it to be decked out in Zombie and I dont mind that to much. Any ideas or suggestions.

Re: Resident Evil(Zombie)

  • Hi and congratulations on your wedding!

    Few quick questions:

    1. How formal of a wedding is this going to be? Will grandma be attending and wondering what's going on or is everyone on board for it?

    2. Is the theme revolving ONLY around Resident Evil style zombie/universe or all zombies in general?


    Venue/Location: It's been awhile since I've seen the RE series but I recall a white room. You could look for a nice venue with white tile floors, make the tablecloths red so it really stands out and use black for the accents. There was a mansion in the first one so perhaps try to find a large house that you can rent for the wedding ceremony. 

    You could also have a destination wedding in Las Vegas where one of the films was located. If you visit The Cosmopolitan Hotel it has these tall led monitor towers which resemble these: click me

    Note the way the red blood pops against the white; people tend to go with black and red heavily but I think the white really helps the red to stand out as well as being the colors of the Umbrella Corp. Your invitations could be white with red lettering and depending on how into the theme you're willing to go you could make the red resemble blood splatter or just use blood splatter on the invitations as the design. Dexter Morgan might be the only one to appreciate your blood splatter art invitations but I think it's possible to do it in a classy way and not gory. 

    If you're open to any zombies, I think a farm wedding a la Hershel's Farm from The Walking Dead would make for a very fun day. Guests could arrive and enjoy an outdoor wedding and then after dinner zombies stumble out of the cornfield! 

    For photos: Consider looking into Umbrella Corp Umbrellas

    Music for ceremony: "Zombie" - Vitamin String Quartet Instrumental cover of The Cranberries song. This is the youtube link to it, make sure your volume isn't too loud: click me

    You can have a RE cake or cupcakes with different coloring/styles to reflect the series. It might be possible to do the red/white umbrella design on cupcakes. 

    I might be over reading into it but it sounds like you're not entirely sold on the zombie wedding idea. While it's awesome you're listening to your future husband's ideas make sure the wedding is a combination of what you BOTH want. I think it's entirely possible to have a classy zombie wedding but just make sure that's the type of wedding you want.

    Apologies if I over stepped and inferred something that wasn't true. Good luck with your wedding!
  • Another fun way might be to incorporate these colours into your dress as well. Are you looking to have just a traditional white dress, or maybe a dress with colour? What about adding colour through your crinoline if you have one, or your shoes? My dress had black crinoline with bright red shoes which made for some fun pictures that actually would have totally fit your theme!
  • I don't know if you have looked into this yet, but this site custom paints zombie fighting cake toppers. You can customize them to match you and the groom and choose the weapons and even get zombies to go with it.  It's not too gruesome.  My fiance and I are definitely going to order our own! They are expensive (minimum $200) but considering how much my fiance loves zombies, I think it's worth it. You should check them out.

    This is a pinboard for a Halloween wedding, some good ideas there. Hope this helps!!!
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