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First Dances & Introduction

Hello everyone! 

I've posted on some of the other boards and realize my questions coule probably go on the "Reception Ideas" boards but since we're not doing thing totally traditionally I thought I'd try here first. Thanks for your thoughts!

Background: wedding this summer, about 90 guests, wedding & reception on a farm, bought all our own plates, glasses, silverware (so much cheaper!), dancing will be contra dancing (live caller & band)


Since we're not doing "traditional" dancing, what are your thoughts on the "first dances"? FI and I aren't the type to make up a funny dance, and I'm not sold on the whole father-daughter/mother-son dances...nothing against my dad or FMIL (they're both great!) but the traditional dances seem...not us. Any alternative thoughts? Especially considering we're having a contra dance band...maybe a short, whole family (both FI and mine) contra dance?

Re: First Dances & Introduction

  • We are not having a first dance. If you dont want to do it, dont do it, I have been to many weddings as a guest and first dances/ parent-child dances are are cute...for about 30 seconds..then I get bored, unless they are awesome funny choreographed which case requires a lot of prep and guts on the part of the bride and groom to pull off without it looking I didnt want go that route either, so we are having a pinata instead :)

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  • We're skipping the dances, we think! 

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