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PRE-wedding BBQ reception?

My fiance and I are floating the idea of have a PRE-wedding reception BBQ the Saturday before the wedding folowed by a Sunday morning ceremony and brunch.  Would we be asking our guests to give up too much of their time?

Re: PRE-wedding BBQ reception?

  • I know a lot of ladies that are doing a dinner the day before in place of the normal 'rehearsal dinner' where they are inviting anyone tha twants to come. If you're still providing brunch on the Sunday, and therefore properly hosting the guests that show up for the wedding then why not. If someone thinks its too much time they'll RSVP no to one or the other.
  • We did our rehearsal the night before the wedding, with just the people involved in the ceremony, and then had a BBQ dinner at our house afterwards with just close friends and family. It was really nice actually, because we didn't have very much time to relax and talk to those people at the wedding the next day.
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