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Help with a theme!!!

I’m looking for a wedding theme. I want my colors to be hot pink, teal and black. My fiancé wants a casino theme, however I don’t know how that would work with my colors. Any ideas????

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Re: Help with a theme!!!

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    Just make the hot pink and teal neon lights, like you would see in Vegas or a casino.
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    you could do a casino theme, but instead of red and black just get/make the stuff to be pink teal and black. it would probably look pretty cool.

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    I agree with the neon lights! Old Vegas was all about the neon lights. Remember it is your wedding, so you guys can do whatever you want:)
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    I agree, old vegas neon type stuff. a lot of the slot machine stuff is a variety of colors, so you can pull off the colors you chose super easily! You just have to get creative :D
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    do it! and look up the neon boneyard in vegas. they have great photos of their old neon signs that could be sweet inspiration for you
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    I think any color would fit with a casino theme. It's just a matter of thinking outside of the box a little because most casino decorations are red/black. Depending on your artistic ability you could paint things.

    I've never been to a casino so I'm not much help.
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    I agree! We took a picture a long time ago in Reno that has those colors and looks pretty cool:

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