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Zombie Wedding... Help!

My FI and I met on Halloween and we're both zombie nerds, so this theme just made perfect sense for our anniversary wedding... until I started planning. I need ideas!

I had decided the guys will be in zombie makeup and the girls will be dressed in various forms of attire, loaded down with weapons. (Swords, gun holsters, machete holders, etc.) After the ceremony, I will rush off and have my own make up applied, along with a big bite mark on my arm, making me "one of them" to signify our union. I had also decided to get one of the cake toppers where the  bride is dragging off the groom and paint it so that she is zombified.

Any other ideas/suggestions?

Re: Zombie Wedding... Help!

  • I love this idea and I wish you the best of luck...I honestly can't think of anything else but you definitely have a great start! Is your dress could be "torn" to look like you have been attacked?
  • I'd use a mix of live and dried flowers -- like half the centerpieces could be living and half could be zombified. 
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    Maybe some quarantine signs and a zombie virus signature drink. First dance "Thriller"?
  • Haha I love the idea of including Thriller! If you could come across some linens that you're ok with being ruined you could rip the edges of the runners or a cover to make it look like they've been through an attack
  • That will definitely be a wedding to remember! Absolutely love that the ladies will be armed and dangerous, haha! There is all kinds of potential with this one... I really like the idea of a zombie drink, as previously mentioned... perhaps some dry ice centerpieces! Yeah! Also, the fresh/dead flowers idea is awesome. Maybe put a little table out front with zombie makeup kits, should your guests feel like they want to take part in the madness!

    I think you could do some really cool ambient lighting too. If your guests are also zombie fans, maybe leave a twinkie on their seats (Zombieland, anyone?).

    I hope you post pictures!
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    The idea makes me giddy. 

    I saw a zombie processional where the bride was walked down the aisle in a coffin. (And I'm not intending to offend with any of these suggestions.)

    Any possibility for laser tag at your event? Or a water pistol fight? (Do you know about the zombie wars they have at universities with bandanas/socks designating which sides are which) hee. 

    What kind of venue(s) do you want? (Will the ceremony and reception be at the same place?) That can definitely give some direction for options. 

    Headstone table numbers...the layout of the dinner can be cemetery like. Fog machine for the dance floor to go with the suggestion of the dry ice centerpieces. 

    The getawar car can be "zombie trashed"- you know, fake broken windows, an arm dangling off of the bumper.

    Creepy dinner "music" the Halloween sounds cds they used to sell. Or you can go RETRO!!! 50s zombies!!! (Monsetr Mash. I did a halloween costume one year that was a black-and-white 50s TV mom that turned into a perfect zombie costume; but you can totally have the "parking teenagers" with letter sweaters and bobby the movie that Michael Jackson and his date went to see at the beginning of the Thriller video)

    Over the top can be to cut the cake with a "chainsaw"- or at least a fake one for a great picture. 

    So. many. options.... they just keep popping into my head. Happy planning!

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