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I have been searching high and low online and in magazines for ideas for a rainbow theme wedding. It's an idea that I have always loved, but I don't want my wedding to look tacky or like an easter explosion. I think I'd like to try different, trendy colored dresses for each BM and match the guys or pick a more neutral color for my girls like a soft yellow or champagne and then tie in the rainbow element with a different color bouquet for each BM. Anyone have any pictures that may help or ideas!?

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    I have been toying with the idea of a rainbow wedding. I want something that won't make myself or my family and guests feel like we're stepping back to the 60's & 70's!  I stumbled upon this lovely Real Wedding in Santa Ynez, CA and wanted to share.








    For bridesmaid dresses I am envisioning my ladies in cream/ivory dresses, each with a different sash and different flowers in their chosen color. 

    The men will be in khaki suits. 


    I know one thing that is a must at my wedding is French macarons - in a rainbow of colors, of course. They're delicious and so fun to eat! 



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