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Happy Monday!

Good morning ladies! Another week is beginning, and another week is over!
I find with every week I get closer to the wedding the more stressed I am about whether I'm going to finish everything or not Hahaha!

What's everyone got planned for the week?

FI and I own our own business, and we have a major Conference this weekend in Columbus, Ohio so the week is going to be JAMMED getting everything ready and in place for that... so no time for wedding stuff I doubt this week... Trying not to let that concept stress me out at all lol

Re: Happy Monday!

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    I met with a couple we know this weekend that stumbled across my planning bio & wanted some input on their wedding. They're getting married around the same time you are - I found myself feeling very, very sorry for them & feeling grateful we were over that stage of our lives. May the force be with you!!!

    I have an interview today to possibly take over as dance team coach at the h.s. I'm nervous because I know they want me, but I don't know if I want the job. They called me because I didn't apply and the parents wanted me to. I just don't know if I want the stress.

    Other than that, just work, work, work this week.
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    I totally understand the job thing! I am a martial artist, and I have had a few parents pressuring me in the same way to take over teaching a local program here (its held in a community centre). I told them I won't even consider it until after the wedding lol
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