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Lessons from Shopping for a Colored Dress

All I tried to do today was stop by 2 possible stores and see what might or might not work out for me.  Wow, did I get an education!

1) Colored dresses are usually long bridesmaid gowns or prom gowns.  With BM gowns, it's hard to find anything with any special touches to it to make the bride stand out.  With prom gowns, some have too much bling and/or sex appeal.  You have to look for the happy middle ground.

2) Most places are small boutiques.  They likely only have one size for each dress.  If it's too small, tough.  If it's too big, at least you can pin it back and take a look.

3) Just because they are a small boutique does not mean they will have good customer service.  Gonna post a review on my local board about one shop.  The lady tried to talk me into a different color after I already had shown her a swatch of what I wanted.  Ugh.

4) When you look at the dresses online and then in person, the colors are completely different.  So be open to trying on other styles you didn't see online, and be prepared for some dresses not to be what you imagined.

5) Prom gowns are very seasonal.  After April-May, selection becomes limited.  The manufacturers only make so many of each, and once they're gone, they're gone.  Best shopping time for them is Jan-March.

6) Don't rule out evening gowns at department stores.

I did try on one sangria gown.  It gave me a nice hourglass shape.  Very pretty.  Taking a BM to see it on me this week.  I didn't plan on trying on, so I was not prepared with heels, undergarments, etc.  I had just exercised, no makeup, hair a mess.  Definitely want to see it again when I'm all made up and prepared.

(Full size pic available at this clicky.)

Dress shopping trip with my out of town BMs is scheduled for 7/23, but I am worried that it may be too late then.  Hmm, pondering...
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