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Sister/MOH giving attitude about offbeat wedding idea

My fiance and I feel like our wedding should be an expression of who we are as a couple, and we're both pretty offbeat. Instead of the traditional entrance into the reception, we decided to do things a little differently. We want to walk into the reception hall first with the DJ playing a song of our choosing, and then we want to introduce the wedding party and have them each walk/strut/boogie into the reception to their own song. I told my older sister/MOH this idea so she can start thinking of a song, and she started giving me attitude about it. She doesn't like the idea, and she doesn't want to walk in alone. She doesn't want to be "embarrassed." I don't want to embarrass my sister or MOH, but I feel like it's my wedding and she should be understanding of that. Any advice on how to sensitively deal with a bossy big sis and still have my wedding be the way I want it?
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