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On Sunday the 27th I am having my first shower! :) It's at my FMIL's house and being thrown by family friends and FSIL. So I got gifts for family friends, FMIL- since she has done so much and it's at her house, and FSIL.

When do I give them the gifts?
Do I write a thank you note pre and post shower?

Do I just say something like "here is a gift in appreciation for all you have done"? I'm never sure if people know ettiquite (especially since I learned it on TK).

P.S. I got my cathedral veil yesterday from Obridal! i LOVE it:)

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    One BM through my bridal shower and then the other 3 girls helped. Plus another aunt helped. So I gave the BM who threw the shower something way nicer than the other girls. I gave it too them all together just before they left. There was still a few guests but it was fine. I just told them thank you for helping and gave it too them. I also wrote them thank yous for their gifts just like all the other guests.

    YAY for the veil :)

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    I plan to give my two local BMs gifts and TY cards covering everything they've done (bach party, shower, wedding) after the wedding.  Will give BM a separate gift this next week.  And will give all 3 BMs a "thanks for being a BM" gift when getting ready.

    Hooray for the veil arriving!  So glad you love it!

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    My shower is this weekend. One of my bm's parents are having it at their house so I'm giving them a few different unique red wine blends... (that i haven't found/looked for yet and if any one has any recs on where to get something like this it would be greatly appreciated!) All of my girls are throwing the shower but my MOH has done most of the work. MOH's bday is next saturday so I'm getting a family session from JennyGG for her for her bday/appreciation present.

    I'm giving the parents their gift the day of along with a thank you for letting us have the party at your house card. :) MOH is getting her gift next weekend!

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    My shower is this weekend, and a bunch of people are throwing it together.  I just got them each some little gifts, and was going to include a card that said something like, "thank you so much for planning/hosting the shower!  I really appreciate everything you've done, and am so fortunate to have you in my life.  I hope you enjoy _____ as a token of my appreciation."
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    For the family one I wrote a nice card and bought them a bottle of champaigne to have while they were setting up. For my BM I got them each a nail polish and a travel size OPI lotion.
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