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XP: help with quirky reception

I am getting married in a courthouse ceremony on 4/27/12, the following day we are having a very small reception in our home. My husband-to-be and our son have several severe food allergies, so we decided to bake our own cake and have spaghetti and breadsticks since it is very easy to adapt these things to the very limited diets they follow. I need ideas on how to pull this off. I will be decorating and we have the equipment to be our own DJ. Any advice to make this a fun time that suits our own quirkyness but is also classy.
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Re: XP: help with quirky reception

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    I don't get what decorating and DJ equipment has to do with spaghetti.
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    okay so you dont have to worry about catering or music thats a plus but as far as quirks... what kinda quirks?
    do you have a theme in mind?
    are you gamers or scifi fans music fanatis avis readers... its hard to give you ideas without knowing a bit about what your thinking Smile

    (im assuming you meant how to pull of your reception not the catering or dj since you have mentioned that you have this under controll)
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    I agree with the ladies, in order to move forward with the planning I think you need to solidify what your vision is and roll with it from there. Do you have an idea in mind?
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