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Help me finalize my offbeat invitations?

I'm a little concerned about wording. I love it, but I'm worried its to informal.
What do you guys think? I'm posting a link because the board won't let me post a large image

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Re: Help me finalize my offbeat invitations?

  • thats some great advice! i wish i could space it like you have it but i ran out of room :( The punctuation and capitalization does look a lot better though, thanks!
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  • I love it. I'm struggling with the same thing. We are having a wedding in the woods with lawn chairs and wooden logs and a trampoline (not necessarily going to be part of the ceremony. TBD) It's NOT a traditional wedding and we want people prepared so they can decide if they want to be part of our tree-hugging hippie love fest, and if they do, they can wear the right CLOTHES! I'm actually considering the phrase tree-hugging hippie love fest in the invite, so as far as I'm concerned your invite is fairly formal! :-) It looks great to me. Very clear. 
  • @ anssett
    Thanks! It's so hard to get he right balance of formality and fun. Personally I would love to go to a wedding like yours, all the ones I've ever been to have been so stuffy and not especially memorable. I'm just loving all the offbeat wedding I've found on here.
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