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I thought this would be fun to do on here since we're all pretty offbeat. Obviously all of the songs probably won't be applied to your wedding, and some of you probably haven't thought of all of these songs yet, but share what you have so far! (I stole this from the June '11 board)
What are your:
Reception Entrance for wedding party?
Reception Entrance for Bride and Groom?
First Dance Song?
Father Daughter Dance?
Mother Son Dance?
Cake Cutting Song?
Anniversery Dance?
Tossing the bouquet?
Tossing the garter?
Putting the garter on bouquet catcher?
Last Song?
Other Special Songs?

Re: Reception Music

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    Reception Entrance for wedding party AND Bride and Groom?
    The metal cover of "Mortal Kombat" by Ryashon

    First Dance Song?
    "Kissing In Cars" Pierce The Veil
    Father Daughter Dance?
    "Wonderwall" Oasis
    Mother Son Dance?
    I think he's choosing a song by The Eagles
    Cake Cutting Song?
    We're doing this during dinner, we'll have the Vitamin String Quartet's "Funeral" CD playing during dinner, it's all My Chemical Romance covers.

    Tossing the bouquet?
    "Littke Razorblade" The Pink Spiders
    Tossing the garter?
    "Situations" Escape The Fate
    Other Special Songs:"Radio" by Alkaline Trio will be played on classical guitar when I walk down the aisle.FI's old band is playing so all of those songs will be special, even though, just like "Radio" they're all harsh break up songs ha!
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    How fun! This is going to make me really think. FI is in charge of the music, but then he didn't realize that meant more then just first dance and the overall reception music.

    Reception Entrance for wedding party? P!nk..Get this party started
    Reception Entrance for Bride and Groom? not sure...
    First Dance Song? FI wont tell me
    Father Daughter Dance? Not doing
    Mother Son Dance? Not doing
    Cake Cutting Song? Build Me Up Buttercup...and I will be singing along:)
    Anniversery Dance? Not doing
    Tossing the bouquet? Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
    Tossing the garter? Boys of Summer? FI loves that song
    Putting the garter on bouquet catcher? Not sure if we are doing this
    Last Song? Closing Time! The one thing I have always known that this will be the last song...100% sure:)
    Other Special Songs? FI is in charge of reception music. Rule is that at least one Taylor Swift song and one Miley song MUST be played
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    brit i love that you're doing the VSQ funeral music. so offbeat and awesome!
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Reception Music</a>:
    [QUOTE]brit i love that you're doing the VSQ funeral music. so offbeat and awesome!
    Posted by MissOwl[/QUOTE]

    <div>We pretty much have to, Fi and I have a mutual love for My Chem, we just saw them a few weeks ago, the crowd made us feel old, but at one point (when they played "Vampires Will Never Hurt You") FI jumped on me and started screaming like a girl! We definitely had a great time, it was the first time we got to see them as a couple so it was pretty exciting.</div>
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    What are your:
    Reception Entrance for wedding party? Theme from Bones
    Reception Entrance for Bride and Groom? Same as above
    First Dance Song? Origin of Love- Hedwig
    Father Daughter Dance? no idea (i still have 8 days to find something)
    Mother Son Dance? something from Fiddler on the Roof
    Cake Cutting Song? Love her Madly- Cake
    Anniversery Dance? n/a
    Tossing the bouquet?n/a
    Tossing the garter?n/a
    Putting the garter on bouquet catcher?n/a
    Last Song? somethign FI picked out
    Other Special Songs?
    Time Warp, Thriller...

    Our recessional is Shpadoinkle! from Cannibal! The Musical
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    What are your:
    Reception Entrance for wedding party?
    Didn't have one

    Reception Entrance for Bride and Groom?
    Burning for you~ Blue oyster cult.

    First Dance Song?
    You're in my heart~ Rod Stewart.

    Father Daughter Dance?
    Just the way you are~ Billy Joel

    Mother Son Dance?
    Didn't Do one (MIL is a monster)

    Cake Cutting Song?
    Pour some sugar on me~ Def Leapor

    Anniversery Dance?
    Didn't do one

    Tossing the bouquet?
    Girls just wanna have fun~ Cyndi L.

    Tossing the garter?
    You Can leave your hat on... Forgot who sings it. Full Monety

    Putting the garter on bouquet catcher?
    Didn't do it.

    Last Song?
    Take me home tonight~ Eddie Money.

    Other Special Songs?
    Exit Song, Was two tickets to paradice~ Eddie Money.
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    edited April 2011
    Reception Entrance for wedding party? Not doing this.
    Reception Entrance for Bride and Groom? Not doing this.
    First Dance Song? "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" by the Smiths
    Father Daughter Dance/Mother Son Dance (combined)? the ukelele version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
    Cake Cutting Song? "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies
    Anniversery Dance? Not doing this
    Tossing the bouquet? The Glee cover of "Bust A Move"
    Tossing the garter? "Ole" by the Bouncing Souls
    Putting the garter on bouquet catcher? Not doing this.  I find it very awkward.
    Last Song? Nothing in particular at this time, if we do anything, it'll probably be "Closing Time" by Semisonic
    Other Special Songs? "Question" by the Old 97's.  It's one of the GM and his gf's song, and her birthday is our wedding day.  Plus we're kind of hoping it'll inspire him to propose.
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    fun post! i need to get working on the music so i'm glad you put this up its got me thinking...

    Reception Entrance for wedding party? not sure yet (might not do?)
    Reception Entrance for Bride and Groom? not sure yet (might not do?)
    First Dance Song? just the way you are boyce avenue (acoustic cover)
    Father Daughter Dance? daughter loudon wainwright
    Mother Son Dance? they haven't figure that out yet
    Cake Cutting Song? not sure
    Anniversery Dance? not doing one as my grandpa died recently and it would be too hard on my grandma
    Tossing the bouquet? not sure
    Tossing the garter? not doing this
    Putting the garter on bouquet catcher? not doing this
    Last Song? journey don't stop believin
    Other Special Songs? i will be walking down the aisle to dallas green's the girl, the bridal party are walking to cat power's sea of love. as guests are finding their seats and waiting on us we'll be playing ben harper's forever, and otis reding sitting on the dock of the bay

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    Reception Entrance for wedding party?   All you need is Love The Beatles
    Reception Entrance for Bride and Groom? All you need is Love Beatles (replayed the fanfare)
    First Dance Song? As time goes by Jimmy Durante
    Father Daughter Dance? Its a Wonderful World. Louis Armstrong
    Mother Son Dance? Here comes the sun The Beatles
    Cake Cutting Song? skipped
    Anniversery Dance? skipped
    Tossing the bouquet? skipped
    Tossing the garter? skipped
    Putting the garter on bouquet catcher? skipped
    Last Song? Dream a Little Dream of Me Mama Cass
    Other Special Songs? Our Bridal Party had all been married before us so had the DJ play all their first dance songs.  Paper Moon (from the movie of the same name), FreeBird (Lynryd Skynryd) At Last (Etta James),  All I Want is You (U2).  
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    Ramiau3Ramiau3 member
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    All our music is 30's - 40's era.  With one acception: Casey Abrams (God I love him) version of Nature Boy along with the Nat King Cole version to follow directly after.

    Processional - Crazy He Calls Me (Billie Holiday)
    Bride Comes In - Crazy He Calls Me (Instrumental)
    Recessional - Nature Boy (Casey Abrams & Nate King Cole)
    Announcement - I Wanna Be Loved By You (Annette Hanshaw)
    1st Dance - Fly Me to the Moon (Frank Sinatra)
    Mother/Son - Someone to Watch Over Me (Frank Sinatra)
    Father/Daughter - Unforgettable (Nat King Cole)
    Cake Cutting - All Of Me (Frank Sinatra)
    Garter Toss - Why Don't You Do Right (Peggy Lee)
    Bouquet Toss - Witchcraft (Frank Sinatra)
    Sadie Hawkin's Song (we are having a Leap Day wedding and it's tradition that girls can ask the men on Leap Day)- Some Enchanted Evening (Frank Sinatra)
    Last Dance - How Deep is the Ocean (Billie Holiday) or I don't want to Set the World on Fire (Ink Spots)
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    amycannovaamycannova member
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    Bridesmaids Procession and Grooms Men
    I wanna hold your hand by the beatles, original version Bride and Dad
    Love never Fails Brandon HeathBridesmaids and Groomsmen Cheesy Dance Move Line
    Love will hold us together -Matt MaherBride and Groom I’ll Stand By You, Marry You, LuckyFirst Dance
    All I want is you- barry louis polisarSpecial Songs; Time Warp, Thriller, Jump On it, Safety Dance, Give up the Funk, It’s Tricky, Macarena, Wedding day (wedding singer the musical) Bouquet toss: Single Ladies- Beyonce Garter-Skip
    Last Song: The time of my life
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