Offbeat Weddings

AW on behalf of sister making BM Dresses, w/pic

She's gotten 2 of the 4 done!

I opted for convertible/infinity dresses so that they would be more re-wearable and look decent on multiple body shapes.  Come to find out, it's a fairly simple pattern.  Since we picked the fabric ourselves, they're not too thin.  It's made from a rayon cotton blend.

Total cost for 4 dresses, sister's labor (she does it for a living), and notions: $190

There will probably be enough fabric leftover for a flower girl dress too.  I ordered a couple extra yards just in case something went funky.

So here's a pic.  She had a friend model it.  I like how flowy the skirt looks!  Maybe I should have had her make me one too! 

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