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keeping everyone together i am having a ren faire wedding and instead of the reception our guest with join us at the festivities at the fair...i am just wonder if any of you have suggestions to keeping it unified?or should i just keep it casual and let them enjoy their time?

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    Maybe you could do a mix of both? Like let them go around on their own for a bit but then have certain things that you want to do with everybody/different groups?I'm not sure if the ren faire has like a schedule of events daily or anything (i sadly haven't been in years) but maybe you could ask for one ahead of your day so you could plan this. That way you're sure to get to spend sometime with your guests but they can, and you can, also just enjoy the faire.  
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    I have never been, so no idea, but I agree with PP. Is there a schedule of events where you could select some things to do as a group, but then leave the rest of the time to enjoy it freely?
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    All the ones I've been to have had a schedule - performers at different stages, jousting, king/queen events. So maybe you could have everyone do their own thing but you get together to watch a joust or something.

    P.S. your wedding sounds ridiculous fun
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    thanks for the ideas 
    we are invited to sit with king and queen at jousting...i was going to pass...but maybe my guest would enjoy it....hell maybe i will even give them a show and trip and fall LOL
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    The only thing I can think that's not quite right with this is if your not going to "receive" your guest somehow etiquette-wise.

    Have you thought about providing cake and punch as a thank you for coming to your wedding immediately after your ceremony?
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