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Need Help On Theme and Colors - Please!

My fiance and I are both super sneaker fans and we want to incorporate our sneaks into the wedding. Initially, we wanted peacock colors (lime green, turquoise, blues and purples), but it seems like the colors dont fit with the sneaker theme.

Am thinking of changing it to aqua and red so the colors look a little more casual. Need your thoughts please since I really can't decide which color scheme to go with!

Re: Need Help On Theme and Colors - Please!

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    I think you could make either work, its how you present it :)

    Here are some pics from google that could be used to create a more casual wedding with peacock feathers and the like included:

    Here's a more whimsical wedding based loosely on the peacock (she's got the feathers in her hair showing she tied it in):

    And then the aqua/red can make for a fun casual wedding as well! Here's some google ideas for that:

    Hope those just give you some ideas :)
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    Love the aqua and red idea! If you do go with a peacock theme, I think you'll have no shortage of ideas.
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    I agree that either color scheme would work fine with the sneakers, especially since Converse sneakers seem to come in every color under the sun.

    In terms of having sneakers in the wedding you could have the wedding party in colored sneakers, you could name the tables after different sneaker brands, you could get a cake shaped like a sneaker, and I'm sure you could probably make awesome centerpieces using high-top sneakers as either the vase for flowers, or stacking the sneakers on other objects to make an elevated centerpiece.

    I saw a wedding photo where the bride and groom left green converse hanging from their chairs for the reception so everyone would know those were their seats. You could even hang sneakers from the ceiling over a wire instead of using paper lanterns if you'd get a kick out of that type of decoration.

    Good luck with your decision!

    ETA: Don't forget you can even use phrase "When two soles become one" Tongue Out
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    WOW! These are all such great ideas! We talked about it and realized that aqua and red were more "us" than the peacock colors. FluffyGumDrop, that phrase is super cute, and am totally going with the hanging sneakers bit. We're thinking of naming it "Love is in the Air" as an ode to Air Jordan sneakers :) Hope that wouldn't sound too cheesy!

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    "Love is in the Air" is a super cute phrase and definitely not as cheesy as the one I suggested; you could even make a sign with that phrase and hang it as well.
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    phew! I looked through a million pages of Offbeat brides posts to find this one I was looking at yesterday. Red, turqouise, and a budget backyard wedding, I LOVE it. Hope it helps!
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    Not sure if sneakers have to be flat? (apologies, I'm from the the UK!) But if you went with the peacock theme (great for feathers) and are happy in heels, I think these shoes are fun
    This is just the first thing I found, there must be a million and one high heeled sneakers out there.  Have fun with it!
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