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Tacky or not? XP

My husband and I had a day planned for our wedding, and have started all the planning - however, because he is in the military and could be deployed soon, we went to the courthouse for a legal marriage.
My question is, how tacky would it be if instead of having a full on wedding, we have the reception/party to help us save money; and in this situation is it ok to request gifts or small tokens as a congratulations for our marriage, or request their prescence as a gift?
We will still provide a dinner, dancing, and gifts for everyone to take home. Just minus the ceremony since we both feel it is irrelevant.
I know it is my special day, but given the circumstances, it would either be this way, or wait until he returns to have a wedding....

Re: Tacky or not? XP

  • I agree with PP, having a celebration is a fine idea, but gifts should never be mentioned, regardless. And congrats on your wedding!
  • You could always have a reception and renew your vows in front of your family. I had a friend in the same situation-they had a quickie courthouse wedding because he was deployed. When he came back 9 months later, they had a formal wedding for all their friends and family.
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