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Ordained minister?

How do I know if the person that wants to perform my wedding is able to do so legally?  I tried researching Ohio laws, but I can't find out if this person is able to really marry my fiance and I.  I am scared to go through the ceremony, only to find out it wasn't legally binding!

Re: Ordained minister?

  • HeathenSwanHeathenSwan member
    edited July 2012
    Ohio allows people who are ordained under any faith to become officiants, but they need to register with the state and become licensed. allows you to search people licensed in OH to perform weddings. This will allow you to make sure your officiant is legal. It also has a link to the application for licensing, if the person needs to get themselves licensed. Ohio does allow people who are ordained online (ULC, etc) to become licensed. The licensing fee for an officiant in OH is $10.

    One thing about the search, you can do it by last name only, but if you use the first name as well, you need to use the full name (ex. if they are licensed under Christopher, putting Chris will not bring them up, but only using their last name will list them).

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