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Yacht wedding --- advice?

My fiance and I are getting married in October 2013 and have started thinking about having the wedding on a yacht.  We live in Orange County, CA and have found a local company that offers pretty all-inclusive packages that are very reasonable.  This is my second wedding, his first, and we are looking for something small, intimate and romantic.

Does anyone have any experience and/or advice to share on this?


Re: Yacht wedding --- advice?

  • I didn't do that but attended one for a good friend from the military and just wanted to say I LOVED it.... they did thiers on a military style ship, but the same general idea.
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    The biggest concern I see on these boards is the boat you're using. Cruise brides for example have the fear the cruise will change and it ruins their plans. Also I've seen some people rent a boat, then someone comes in to rent for higher and its pulled out from under them. So just be cautious of who you're getting into a contract with on that... for some reason it seems more common to do that on boats than reception halls, not sure why lol

    ETA: Also, coming from someone whose outdoor wedding was rained out, have a bad weather plan! If some odd storm hits and the waters are too choppy for you to take the yacht out for the wedding, where are you going to hold it?
  • The company that we are considering is based in Newport Beach, CA.  The cruise itself goes around the harbor in Newport and out to a local island then back.  The weather here is great all the time, rarely ever rain or excessive winds, so I'm less concerned about that, but will definitely keep a backup plan in mind.  The yachts they use are all enclosed and covered, so where the ceremony and reception areas are held are actually indoors.  

    I'll try the search engine on the bottom of this page too. (I tried the search at the top of the page and got absolutely nothing helpful.)

  • The 'rarely' isn't something to bank on lol I went with the month with the lowest rain chance ever in the area we got married, not only did we get rained out, the wedding the weekend before us did too lol The resort couldn't believe it
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