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Assembled a sample invitation

Yay for small guest lists, because I cannot imagine making 200 or 300 of these things.  We only need 65 of these, but have supplies for 75.  I'll mess up somewhere, I know it.  :)

Story and details:   We didn't like any of the usual invitations, even with custom wording.  Then we got amazing e-pics that we felt we had to use somehow.  And we wanted to use more than one, but how do you do that on an invite?  Well, what if it had multiple pages?  So we ended up with a "mini book" concept.  So I designed it in PowerPoint (2003 version - old lame computer!), converted to JPEGs, and had them printed double-sided on card stock.  Now we have to trim them  down and insert brads.

Here's a pic.  They are approx. 4x6".  It's difficult to line it all up correctly, but it's pretty close for a first attempt.  I think I have the hang of it now. 

I think FI and I will just have to sip on beer or wine all evening and assemble these.   Maybe we'll watch something too.  We need to start Dexter Season 4.  Or will the awesomeness of Dexter distract us from trimming correctly?  Eh, fun either way.
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