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Recipe card "guest book"

So FI and I are both in the food industry (he's a head chef and im into pastry and baking) so I thought it would be cute to make a recipe card box instead of a guest book. Im stuck on what to write on the cards and/or the sign to let guests know to write their well wishes and advice on the cards. Any ideas fellow offbeat knotties?
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Re: Recipe card "guest book"

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    Maybe  "A Recipe for Happiness" or "A Recipe for Love" or something like that on the sign, with a blurb saying something like "please add your "ingredients"  by sharing advice, anecdotes, or just some well wishes for us as we "blend" our lives together".

    Or just " we begin our lives together" if you're not into the puns. ;)
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    Im totally into puns but not very clever at coming up with them myself but I figured theres got to be some clever knotties who can come up with something good. And I will keep your idea in mind gmcr as it sounds good.
    Pumpernickel and olive juice
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