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How is this for offbeat?

My fiance and I are an odd pair to say the least. Another poster on TK told me that my wedding sounds like a toddler's toybox blew up. And it's kinda true. Well, we are both EMT's and he is a firefighter. So ambulances and fire engines will be involved in some way. The wedding colors will be brown and green with mossy oak design accent. Our daughter will be the flower girl. We will not have our wedding be as tacky as some of the weddings you see on that CMT redneck wedding show. I'm hoping that we can make it still look nice. Any body have any ideas?

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    I am sure you can make it look awesome. My FI is also a firefighter/EMT and though that is not the main concept of our wedding we are using an ax to cut the cake. I would love to hear any ideas you have about incorporating the EMT/Fire into the wedding.

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    One thing we are playing with is me coming to the wedding on an ambulance from our station. Our reception will be held at our station. (helps with the budget a lot). Another thing we were thinking of is instead of doing numbered tables, have the tables be different fire and EMS apparatus.

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    Could you use toy fire trucks & ambulances as centerpieces? Or one of each as a cake topper?

    I also like what kgrunow is doing, cutting the cake with an ax.
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    That sounds so cute. I love the table naming idea and having the wedding the station is awesome. It doesn't sound like a toy box to me, but there is nothing wrong with it if it is like that :)
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    You could get some dalmations (stuffed, ceramic etc)
    DJ play emergency tones or sirens as you enter the reception
    Have some fun photos of the two of you on the firetrucks and display them in nice frames
    Firetruck/EMA/Equipment shaped cookies as favours
    Display the firemans prayer i a frame with your guest book
    Use red with yellow centred gerbaras as flowers
    you might also find some things here

    Old fashion firemans lanterns as centrepieces

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    As the granddaughter of a fire chief, I think this is awesome. That's really all I've got.
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    My sister's husband is a HUGE hunter, and his only request was Mossy Oak vests.  They wore the vests under black tuxes, and it still looked classy.

    I think I have seen fire fighter cake toppers that were cute on etsy.

    I think this is a fun idea, and can be done in subtle and unique ways. Good luck!
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    Go for it!  I love all the ideas!
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    Could you hang the escort cards on a ladder?  

    Have a dalmation spot motif on the wedding cake?
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