Offbeat Weddings

Zombie Wedding

It's all about having fun.  Seriously.

When we first told our parents were were having a zombie themed wedding, they about had kittens.  Apparently they thought we planned on disemoweling kittens or something.  No, not at all.  We wanted to have tasteful fun.  Sure, we dressed as zombies.  Sure, our ceremony was a little off color, laced with living dead jokes and the shambling dead.  Sure, our Rev. weilded a baseball bat and axe to ward us off.  But the heart of the ceremony was true and pure.  Afterall, this WAS a serious commitment.  We just didn't want to do the same thing everyone else was doing.  We wanted it to be unique.  We wanted to be ourselves.  We wanted something EVERYONE would forever remember. We wanted to tell everyone we wanted to spend the rest of our lives withone another in the commintment called love.  But most of all...we just wanted to laugh.

Have fun, and make it your day, however you want...even if it is throwing traditions to the wind!
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