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What are your plans for Halloween this year? (XP in Oct 2012)

If you do dress up or if you just party or if you don't celebrate and shun the heathans that do or if you have your own rugrats to tow around and get lots of candy and then eat it after they go to bed?

(guilty of that last one...sorry kiddo)

Anyway, each year my friends and I try to have a Halloween party of some kind that weeked before or if it falls on a weekend. Even if it's just a few people getting tipsy and playing goofy drinking games. Then on the day of Halloween I make cookies with my daughter and take her trick-or-treating. She wants to be Princess Peach this year. Geek-in-training ^.^

This year I'm going to be Flo, the Progressive girl bc FI says I apparently talk and kind of look like her. It'a mainly bc of her "Unicorns and glitter!" statement. You know, bc I like unicorns and glitter. They're awesome :)

Here's a vid of said phrase incase you never heard it:">

So what's your plans?
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