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e-mail save-the-dates for super non-traditional couple/wedding?

FI and I are doing a super non-traditional TINY wedding in Spring (timed by some tree blooming) then having a giant picnic potluck party for the families/friends in July (when the weather is tolerable here). We've picked a date for the potluck party and I want to make sure our families know, even if it's far in advance (11 months). Note: out of towners won't be expected to bring food. Our local friends are compensating. Since this is such a non-traditional wedding-related event invitation I think e-mail is a perfectly reasonable plan. I'll make a pretty picture with clear text explaining that it isn't a wedding, it's a delayed reception, etc. Other than formality is there a reason not to use e-mail? Even our grandparents have e-mail accounts! It's an open invite to any family/friends and since we're renting out an entire giant park there will be plenty of space so I'm not worried about 'uninvited' people getting a copy.

Re: e-mail save-the-dates for super non-traditional couple/wedding?

  • You said this is not a wedding, but a potluck party. Are people expected to bring wedding gifts? If your friends are used to potlucking it, and it's acceptable in your culture and your community as it is where I live, by all means do it. Be very careful when it comes to maintaining the proper temp for all the foods because you don't want your party remembered in terms of "the day we all got food poisoning!"
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    [QUOTE] because you don't want your party remembered in terms of "the day we all got food poisoning!"
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    <div>LOL. Great point. I've been to potluck weddings and for many of my friends it's been a lovely choice. My family long ago accepted that I'm a 'dirty hippie' and love me anyway! This isn't surprising for them. I will be 100% clear that it isn't our wedding, it's a family union celebration to bring our lives and our families together. We want to celebrate with them, but in our way. Re gifts? I don't care. We're in our 30s. We have a house with stuff and I don't like stuff just for the sake of stuff. Some people will buy us gifts anyway, but I don't think it should ever be expected or demanded!</div>
  • It sounds like you've got the right idea in being honest about the fact that its not actually your wedding, a problem we see WAY too often on this site lol!!!!
    I think for something super casual like this, then an email STD would be totally ok :)
  • Emailed save the dates are completely fine in my book - I just did them a month ago for my own wedding. The only problem I had was that they went into some people's junk mail folders, so just be aware of that.
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