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A couple questions re: Gifts

Alright, so FI and I are starting the process of figuring out gifts for everyone. I found that some people are uber easy, and some are proving to be a lot more difficult so I have a couple questions for you ladies, maybe get some opinions/suggestions.

First we wanted to do something for our photogs. They are a wonderful couple, and are travelling up with us (DW wedding), so we wanted to do a little something more than just paying them. FI and I found these coffee mugs and think they'd be perfect. They are both head over heels in love with photography.

Then we have a few that have us totally stuck! One is the mothers. We want to do something that isn't too off the beaten path for his mother, she's really traditional. FMIL is a Christian, very strict in such. She's very giving, not much for the material things. Volunteers all the time, runs charity events, the whole bit.
My mother is a big time camper, loves the outdoors. She'd be happier having a cold beer around a campfire than anything too 'upscale' (that's where I get it from lol).

The other person that has me beyond baffled is my mother's bf. He's part of the family as far as I'm concerned and made sure to include him as such. He will be escorting the mothers down the aisle at the ceremony, and we'll be giving him a bout. I don't call him my stepdad not because we're not close, but because he came into my life at like 21 years old, so kinda past the 'stepdad' stage. He has also contributed a nice gift to our wedding and is like a best friend to FI. He's big into Nascar, and loves fishing. To give you some ideas, past Christmas/Birthday gifts have included: giant 'Bubba' coffee mug, joke shirt about fishing, replica Nascar Jeff Gordon model (that's his driver), Jeff Gordon leather jacket.

I appreciate any opinions/suggestions :) Thanks ladies!

Re: A couple questions re: Gifts

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