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Tattoo wedding "rings"

Hi there,

My fiance and I are going to get wedding symbols tattooed on instead of wearing rings. He works in a place where he couldn't wear a ring and we both like tattoos, so it works for us. We are still going to exchange something during the ceremony.

The only thing I am trying to contemplate/get advice on would be when to have the symbols tattooed on? Before the ceremony? After the reception? After the honeymoon?

Any suggestions? And please, don't post about how we shouldn't do it. We already know the advantages and disadvantages about tattooing and are doing it anyway.

Thanks :)

Re: Tattoo wedding "rings"

  • I think it is up to you when to do it - I have heard of wedding where they get he tattoos during the ceremony as well - because they knew someone who was a tattoo artist and they were at the wedding...

    You could do it the next day - or depending on where you are going for the honeymoon when you come back.  You do not want a fresh tattoo in the sand and salt water - even if it is little. 
    If you are going out of country I wouldn't trust them to do the tattoo just because they have different standards for sanitation...

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  • I second considering the conditions of your honeymoon to guide. My tattoos each took 2+ weeks to heal, and though fingers are small, you don't want to damage it or yourself by not letting it heal properly. If you're going to a city, I wouldn't stress. If you're going to a beach/jungle/etc then I'd wait until after the ceremony.

    What kind of pattern? Plain bands? Something else?
  • I agree with the PP. Depends what you are doing for your HM.
  • well we are planning on going to the carribean, but nothing is set in stone yet. so after the honeymoon?

  • Def after the honeymoon then. I can only imagine salt water would sting a healing tattoo. Or, you can wait to go on your honeymoon until your tattoos are healed. You would have your rings in all the newly wed pics that way!
  • I totally agree with after the honeymoon :)
    I think its a cool idea. My friend's husband has a tattooed ring because he can't wear a ring at work and decided it worked better for him :)
  • My hubby got his ring tattooed on him since he has a nickel allergy (he can not wear a lot of jewelry) about 2 months ago and it has already faded a bit. He has to go back and get it touched-up 1-2 more times before it will look bolder.
  • I agree with the concerns about the honeymoon. Maybe you should consider getting temporary or henna versions of the tattoos you are intending to get as part of the wedding so that there can be a record in your photographs
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