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Share your weekend plans!

What is everyone doing this weekend!?

Share your WR and NWR plans!

Re: Share your weekend plans!

  • This is the weekend I've been waiting for, for months! I know after this weekend is over the wedding will be here before I know it. I have to get up in 2 hours, shower and have my hair blow dried, go to work until noon, then I have my hair trial! Then I'm going home to change into a cute dress, then my MOH and I are meeting a bridesmaid at our hotel in Milwaukee for my bachelorette party. We're going out to dinner at a spy themed restaurant, and then going to a comedy thing. I have all of the stuff for girly drinks packed and in my car for after the comedy club. 

    Saturday's plan is "hangover brunch" at the cheesecake factory, followed by lots of shopping, then back to my hometown to go see the movie bridesmaid's (since my bridesmaid insists we go, since it's "fate" that it came out last week lol. 

    Sunday is my bridal shower at my mom's house! I'm pretty excited to see everyone, I know everything will feel more real after the shower. I think we'll play a lot of silly games and eat fabulous cake, we'll definitely have fun.

    FI's also going on his bachelor party, they rented condo for 8, are going to an indoor waterpark, to the casino, and they're probably going to go play putt-putt golf lol FI's fortune cookie last night said that he's going to find himself "near mountains, a river, and a woods" lol how random, let's hope that doesn't come true. Who knows what shenanigans those boys can get into!
  • What an awesome weekend Brit! Enjoy it! Wow, almost a month away! yay!!

    My sister is coming into town tonight to help me find my brain. I think it's somewhere in my living room around the wedding party gifts and all my etsy purchases.

    This weekend I'm taking my sister to Sea World, the beach and Padres game. Then it's a dash to finish all things wedding. The wedding is next Saturday but we're leaving on Wednesday to get there, so instead of 8 days I really have 5 days to finish everything.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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  • Wow, sounds like you both have a lot of fun things happening! 

    I am doing nothing WR, but I am going to try and find some metric fine studs for the man's wheel bearing project for his truck.  It must be love.  Haha!  :)
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  • this weekend i need to start on my wedding thank yous, and we are going to visit my in-laws and show them the picture disc we got from the photog so they can pic the ones they want us to order.

    sunday husband starts up his weekly band practices again, i think i will do some registry completion shopping and play some Wii (we got one as a wedding gift!)
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  • Sounds really fun Brit!

    I took today off so my weekend is ON! Yesterday I worked at my day job from 8-5 then went directly to the theater for 2 performances, where I herded 500+ children until 10 p.m. Every year I wish I took the next day off so today I did! 

    WR: nothing really, maybe some DIY if I have time.

    NWR: I'm performing at a USO-style show on Sat. night and attending a benefit Sunday night for a friend recently diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. Probably won't have time for much else. 
  • Have fun Brit! sounds like a crazy weekend for you!
    This weekend is wedding invite shoping and dress shopping..that's about it.
  • AHHHH!! You are so close Uneek!!!

    Take pics of your hair trial Brit!

    NWR: Tomorrow is the grand opening for FI's job new showroom, so if it doesn't rain we will be out there most of the day mingling. And trying to raise money for the local park they are trying to build in that community. If it rains I'm going for a mani/pedi and checking out a place for my hair trial.

    WR: On Sunday my Mom and 2 of my BM are going to go pick out BM dresses! I know it's gettting to be late but it's been hard finding time that everyone can go.
  • my weekend will be filled!

    tonight - clean and paint bathroom, throw in some WR DIY.

    tomorrow - wedding related DIY, and tomorrow night my semi-bachelorette party!  YAY!  (it's actually my cousin's, but since i am not having one they are letting me pretend it's for me too).

    sunday - RECOVER!  grocery shop, and clean...and more WR DIY :)
  • I will be finishing up my thank you notes for the wedding. 
    I also need to catch up on Doctor Who and Game of Thrones!

    Also, the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure walk is coming up in 9 weeks, I need to get back with my training now that the wedding is over!

    And my friend's daughter is having her dance recital.  After we watch that, the daughter is going to go visit grandma, and my friend and I are going to have a Julie Andrew's preview night with Thoroughly Modern Millie and the Sound of Music.
    (I love the Sound of Music, it's a guilty pleasure)
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  • So many of you are so close!  I hope everyone sticks around afterwards and I can't wait to see pictures.

    NWR: Tonight is our 3 year anniversary so we are going to Melting Pot to celebrate! Yummy. 

    WR: I started designing our invites/paper things this week and it was all I could do to make myself go to bed last night because I was having so much fun working on them.  Now its the weekend so I can continue my photoshop play!
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