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NWR-Super excited!

I got laid off from my job on Monday. They're planning to re-hire me in August, but that just doesn't work for me with my bills and living and a wedding in August. I've been sending out resume and applying for jobs like mad all week; craigslist is my best friend. 

Today I applied for a job at one of my favorite restaurants; they're looking for a pastry cook. I'm friends with one of the bartenders and my current supervisor at the school, who offered to be a reference for summer jobs, used to be a pastry chef there, so I used the two of them as references. I refuse to feel bad if I were to get the job and it became permanent, after using my supervisor as a reference, because my current job doesn't support me.

Anyways! After hearing nothing all week from any of the million jobs I applied at, I got a call within a half hour from the restaurant. They want to have an interview on Monday. I scared the crap out of my dogs when I went dancing out onto the back porch. Mommy's gone crazy.

I really hope it works out. I'd be working 4pm to 1am, but with the night owl schedule around here, that's not so bad.
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