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Victorian Wedding?

Hey everyone!

My name's Jess, I'm from PA, and I'm 22 years old. I would definitely consider myself an offbeat bride, so I thought I'd introduce myself to you all.

I've been engaged since December, but we've only recently started planning. We've been thinking of a Victorian theme, with the colors black, white, silver, and bright blue as the accent (David's Bridal's "Malibu" Blue). At first, we considered doing it in full costume (I used to do Civil War Reinactments and feel pretty at home in hoop skirts, corsets, etc), but have settled on modern clothes that elude to the Victorian style. I was just wondering if you have any ideas/suggestions to help?

We're thinking a long, white ball-gown-esque dress with lace and corset top, lace gloves, and bridal wreath for me; black tux with knee-lenght jacket, blue vest, and blue cravat for FI; black tuxes with tailcoats for groomsmen and BM, with matching blue accessories; and blue dresses (possibly floor-length or possibly "bubble" dresses) for bridesmaids and MOH. We'll also be using lace parasols, hand-fans, and top hats as both accessories and decor.

Instead of a traditional coctail hour before dinner, we want a formal tea. We plan on collecting used teapots and china to use for this, and having several different types of teas/coffees served, along with scones/other pastries.

Oh, and we're having our save-the-date pictures taken at an authentic Victorian photo studio in Gettysburg! I'm really excited about this!!

Other than that we don't really have a lot of ideas. What do you guys think? Does it sound good so far, or too over-the-top themed? Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

Re: Victorian Wedding?

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    I think that sounds pretty cool!  Visually that's going to be awesome.
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    That sounds incredible, and you know all your guests are going to love the chance to get dressed up!
    What about having a photoboard for your guests to stand behind?  Imagine a huge sheet of plywood, maybe 8ft x 4ft.  Now cover the front in some kind of lovely Victorian-style wallpaper.  Next find a large ornate frame that fits in with your theme, I'd guess a mirror frame will be easier to find than a photo frame.  The frame needs to be fitted to the wall, as if it was being hung on the wall of a real parlor.  Then you need to cut out a big hole inside the ornate frame.  This leaves you with a wallpapered sheet of ply, decorated with a fancy frame that has a hole in it.  Now you put your 'wall' a few feet away from a real, plain wall, have your guests stand behind it, peering through the framed hole, and voila, take pictures from the front side!  Probably makes no sense at all, so I'll try and find a picture...

      Cant find what I mean, but this might give you a steer. Replace the painted couple with wallpaper, cut a bigger hole that will should full head and shoulders of whoever is behind, then frame the hole you just cut with something ornate.
    Have fun! :-)
  • BindingTies - I think this is kinda close to what you're talking about:

  • Binding Ties and BMcLeod: That's a really amazing idea! Those pictures are wonderful! I'll have to show my FI, but I absolutely love it. Thanks so much!
    Everyone, thanks also for your opinions. I'm glad you seem to like our ideas as much as we do. =]
  • I'm having a victorian theme but modern dress and modern music for the reception.  Feel free to pm if you want to hear about the details since I don't make it to this board very much :)
  • Harpsdesire - Thank you very much, I might do that!
  • informative post i really like it
  • Check out local flea markets, garage sales and craigslist etc if you want to collect ecclectic teacups instead of renting them; this is obviously harder with larger weddings.    Presentation is everything, even on a small budget.  Think what is most important to you and concentrate there and then spread the budget out from there.  Take advantage of venue freebies such as  tables, chairs and linens.  If you can add detais on your own, look at buying finished edge lace to decorate.  Also consider props from the era; small props may be inexpensive to rent..  Black and white pictures add a nostalgic theme.  This is your day, think it through and make it special!
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