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Incorporating World of Warcraft

Hey guys! I would like to add a little WoW surprise for my groom and guests.. garter.. cake topper... Any other ideas?

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Re: Incorporating World of Warcraft

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    I would go cake topper.  You could also incorporate characters as part of your stationary or name your tables after characters or regions.
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  • World of Wedcraft!

    ~Make your escort cards look like hearthstones! You could name the tables after different inns. 

    ~put the yellow quest exclamation points over things like the escort card table, the guest book, etc. 

    ~A WoW inspired cake topper is a must, maybe you know someone who paints minis and could do it for you? (my FI is going to do this for us)

    ~ Something big and fantasy-inspired for the centerpieces, maybe something with lots of big feathers!

    ~leatherbound 'quest log' as the guest book, with a quill pen (so easy to make yourself)

    ~chocolate gold coins as favors

    Also, Yay! Another fantasy inspired bride!!!! What colors, season, etc?
  • My H is a huge Final Fantasy fan so we played music from Final Fantasy 10 during the ceremony - I've never played WoW so I don't know if this would work but it's worth a try!
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  • It's so exciting to see another fantasy/video game inspired bride. You have some great ideas already! My FI and I are naming our tables after video game places, from WoW and other games that we play.  We are also using fantasy-inspired music in the ceremony (LOTR movie & some anime)

    *You could try a dish or two from WoW cooking recipes (stay away from gooey spider cake though- not sure anyone would eat any of that :)- maybe have use indicted ex. Tasty Cupcake- use: Cupcakes make you happy.

    *Think about colors if you haven't already (red&black for horde, blue&white alli)

    That's all I have for now.
    I love the idea of chocolate gold coins as favors!
  • OMG!  I've been playing WoW since vanilla beta and I'm so happy to see other gamer brides!

    Don't forget about the soundtracks- some of the themes/ music can really be lovely for a prelude (song of elune and several original WoW songs come to mind) or to set ambiance.

    I was heavily debating using the Grizzly Hills song as a prelude song, it's just so lovely and sounds irish/ scottish (I'm irish).  Don't forget a good DJ can sync and skip bits of songs if you give them enough time.

    We opted to use Tifa's theme from the FFVII movie in our prelude and we are walking out to Concerning Hobbits from LOTR

    If you were thinking of doing the chair signs for you and the hubby, you could use the silver elite dragon graphic around the words "Mr" or "Mrs" or a picture.  That would be fun and subtle.  Even better, you could have teh silve dragon graphic around the portrait of yours and hubbys mains and have Mr. and Mrs. below

    Using odd shaped bottles as centerpieces could be neat - you could fill them with colored dye to look like health/mana pots and pop floralytes in there to make them glow - or any color potion (or make your own potion names etc)

    you should incorporate a baby murloc somewhere because they're adorable

    If you check out the DIY boards, you can find jena.n.ross who has an amazing email for vistaprint freebies (she's been a lifesaver for me).  You can do posters of zone screenshots to use as table numbers or other decor. 

    You could have funny quest/dropped items (Teamsters Skull and the one ring come to mind lol) placed in centerpieces

    parchment scrolls, old books that look like tomes, and any number of easy to find items can be used; I say go to the game for inspriation and just putzt around the zones/ different races home cities to get decor, theme, and abmience ideas.

    OMG I'm excited to see how this turns out!

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  • My hubby plays, so I made a cake topper and got him some cufflinks from etsy.  Pics:

    This board was really helpful with cake topper suggestions.  I used some doll house pieces from ebay and etsy.  I also replaced the generic windows computer background with an in-game wedding.  :)

  • Love the ideas!! There are tons of cake ideas online that I've seen. LOVE the hearth stone and health/mana pot ideas a lot. You could order a couple of Tankards o' Terror for your toast (they're a bit pricey, but awesome looking). Another somewhat pricey idea would be to have a FigurePrint made of his and/or your toons. I had one done years ago and they are pretty neat. 
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    OMG I love this all! I won't be incorporating WoW into my wedding (I'm way more into it than FI is now) but I just love the suggestions!

    I love those cufflinks someone posted - maybe do a horde/alliance symbol on the garter? The shield of his favorite race?

    And I absolutely think you should incorporate the music into there somewhere. Some of the zone music would be great either to play while guests are being seated or even walking down the aisle. A friend of mine had a song from Zelda during the ceremony. I love those subtle, personal, geeky touches :-)

    Oh and ditto those tankards! I always wanted an excuse to get one of those ;-)


    Here is a cake topper I found. I'm a Night Elf lover so I love this!

    ETA #2:
    Gasp! Murlocs! Ok, I'm done now haha.

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