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Thank you for your inspiration PIP and tips on how to make a card box like yours! My mom and I spent about 2 hours in JoAnn Fabrics yesterday buying stuff for all sorts of projects, and our card box is the one I am most excited about!!

We got the set of round paper mache boxes and some really pretty purple satin fabric, plus a wide shimmery silver ribbon to wrap around the layers, and huge matching ribbon flowers. We also got some "bling" for the box as well as some of our other DIY projects. I hope it turns out great, the only thing I am nervous about is getting the fabric to cover the boxes smoothly!!

So thanks for your help :) I will make sure I PIP when we finish it!  

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    Awesome def PIP them when you are done :)  I can talk to my mom at lunch and ask her how she was able to get the fabric smooth because I know that she had a hard time at first with it.
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    That would be awesome! That's the one thing my mom is anxious about....

    we were lucky though, JoAnn's had a big sale going on, so not only were things marked down, we got an additional 25% off of everything in the whole store! (our ribbons and flower ribbons were 60% off plus the extra 25% off!) so it is absolutely going to be way cheaper that we are DIY-ing than buying the absurdly expensive ones on Etsy. 
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