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rockabilly wedding

my fiance and i are planning to have a rockabilly themed wedding. Our colors are red black and white. the bridesmaids will be wearing black swing dresses with red pettiecoats under them. were having old vintage coke glasses filled with candy sitting on old vinal records for our reception center pieces.

we want to have lots of polka dots, and well probably have the ceremony at my grandmas old country church and at a reception hall in their town. i love the town because it hasnt changed since before the 50's.

Does anyone else have any ideas my fiance and i could use to plan a dream rockabilly wedding? im stuck on decerations for the ceremony and reception. im also stuck on favors, ceremony programs. does anyone have any ideas?

Re: rockabilly wedding

  • If you don't mind being a little crafty, you can make bowls out of records! Here is a tutorial:

    I haven't made these myself, but it's something I found years ago and have just kept in mind for some use someday. But with your theme, I think these would be perfect for you! You could use them as centerpieces or holders for your progams. I think they're pretty flexible. 

    Also, here is an blog about a wedding that is similar to yours: 
    The main colors were also red, white and black, but their wedding was rock and roll themed. They had some really neat elements for their theme, and some really cool floating candles. 

    Hope that helps some!
  • Records are a great add on to a rockabilly wedding. You can find multiple ways to incorporate them into the wedding. The first think I thought of were record lolipops and place settings. Music notes, guitars, retro stars, eight balls, they all work to give a rockabilly wedding that 50's feel.

    What kinda roackabilly theme are you going for exactly? Like High school dance or more Rebel without a cause or Rock N' Roll? All three have different feels to them but look like the rockabilly dream theme to certain people.

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  • I had a very rock n' roll themed wedding. I don't have a lot of time right now to go through all the details, but I posted about it on my blog with lots of pictures. So you can check that out! 

  • The Rock N Roll Bride blog would be a great place to check out and get some ideas from.
  • its a great site. One thing we wish we could do is incorperate his love for the mustang cars in our rockabilly themed wedding. but in our small town we wouldn't even know how to go about renting a mustang. One thing my mom suggested is playing music my grandma loved as a tribute to my grandma, I love this idea since two of my grandparents have passed and they are much missed at this time in my life. But I dont know how I'd pay tribute to my grandfather who inspired my love of tattoos, and my life style. Any awesome ideas for me? I promised my fmil that i wouldn't get any new tattoos till after the wedding or I'd get my tribute tattoo for my grandpa right before the wedding. My mom has suggested that I wear my grandpa's trade school ring that he sized to my moms ring size(i have the same tiny fingers as my mom) is this an acceptable idea? or is it just weird?
  • I'll be wearing a lot of family jewelry. My great grandma edna's pearls, my sisters and my mom and grandma wore them when they got married, ill be wearing my grandma's pearl earings, and we're going to attatch a small pin with a blue stone in it for my something blue in the beading on the front of my dress that was my grandmas and my mom wore for her wedding. i want to keep my jewelry classic. the pin is less that two inches long and not even an inch wide so it will blend in with the beading on my dress
  • We used a record for our guests to sign in lieu of a guestbook and had a frame made for it so we could hang it on our wall.

    Would definately look through Offbeat Bride since they often feature rockabilly weddings like you're describing.
  • A jukebox might be fun to have instead of a DJ or a live band can be fun. You mentioned about the mustangs, I am not sure where you live but there are tons of old car clubs (old man who hang with heach other with their classic cars) that might just meet outside the church and the reception hall for ya to enhance the vibe. My dad is a classic car fan has 3 and he is at a car show(meet) almost every night in the summer. You might even get someone who has a mustang to drive you to and from the church. When are you getting married?
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