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Shower Advice, Please!

Okay I am in a bit of a pinch and not sure what quite to do.  My mother and sister are throwing me a shower in March during my spring break (I am a senior in college) in my hometown.  My hometown is about an hour and a half from my college.  One of my roommates is a bridesmaid. 
My fiance and I both love BBB kitchen stuff (both in price and selection) so we registered there for a lot of our inexpensive kitchen utensils and such.  I know that my college friends can't afford to purchase big expensive gifts so I thought this would kind of take off the pressure.
Well, It's the end of January and I'm getting married in April.  My roommate has not mentioned a shower, which I kind of think is odd.  Our other roommate and I are throwing her a surprise shower in March for her wedding.
I'm not quite sure what to do.  Should I mention it to my roommate?  I feel like that is kind of greedy though.  I can totally switch over to just our Kohls registry, but their prices a more expensive and we don't really like their kitchen selection.  Kohls is the only store we have near my hometown. I thought about just inviting my college friends to my hometown shower but no one will be in town since it's spring break.  Ahh I feel so dumb for worrying about this anyways.  What do ya all think I should do?
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