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Hi Everyone. I need help. I am looking for an affordable photographer for my wedding. We are doing a vintage hollywood feel and need a photojournalistic photographer who can capture that feel. Anyone know of someone who provides 2 photographers for the whole day for $3000 or under? We also really want the digital negatives of the photos. I REALLY appreciate your suggestions!

Re: Affordable photographer???

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    Kristin Harris  (google her!) is my photographer and she is FANTASTIC! She is 1,500 for 7 hours of shooting which includes two photographer and the engagement shoot. :)

    There is also a Photographer we checked out.. I cannot think of her name for the life of me though.. .arg.. I'll get back to you on her name.. but she charges 1,100 for the Entire day for two photographers. dang.. I'll find out and let you know lol

    (a few of the engagement shots with Kristin Harris :) )
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    Just remembered! Heidi Caldwell. haha, check her out too!
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    My photog, Jenny GG, has a package for 8 hours for under $3,000.  She sends you a CD of all the digital negatives w/o any photog logo or anything on the copies.  And she's a great photog to boot!

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    We're also going with JennyGG. I would chat with her about your budget, but her pictures are AMAZING, and she's just so lovely and amazing and awesome in person!
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    [QUOTE]My photog, Jenny GG, has a package for 8 hours for under $3,000.  She sends you a CD of all the digital negatives w/o any photog logo or anything on the copies.  And she's a great photog to boot! jennygg.com
    Posted by mgoss228[/QUOTE]

    <div>I'm going to agree. She is also my photographer. I have her 8 hour package, and we'll have an 2nd photographer. I would recommend giving her a call!!</div>
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    The MOST affordable photographer I've been able to find is Danielle. 
    Her website is www.dharmonphoto.com
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    We're using Chris Sollart - www.chrissollart.com
    We're paying about $2100 for 7 hours with two photographers, engagement session included (although we didn't want a whole big, multi-site session, just one outfit in his studio) and an album. Prints are extra. I really like his stuff!

    Anyway, seems like you won't have a problem finding someone awesome for under $3000 - unless you're planning on buying lots of prints and have that budgeted in with the photog. That can get expensive!
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    i fourth jenny gg! she has a range of options and for sure some under 3000
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    My photographer and her assistant were wonderful. Our wedding party and guests loved them, and we've received so many compliments on our photos. http://www.libbylewis.com
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    (oh yes I forgot to mention that part.. both of the photographers I posted give you full rights to the pics, which means you can take the cd into any store and have them print out whatever you want. be careful when you look at photographers.. not all allow this, which sucks because then you have to pay the photographer to have stuff printed, and that gets expensive)
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    We tried Jenny GG but she's already booked for our date!!! Thanks for all the leads! We will look over the others and I feel confident that one of them will work out.
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    You should check out Erica Rose out of Vancouver...she travels to Seattle at no extra charge and it sounds like your theme is right up her alley!
    Her packages are around $3000.
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    We're with Rebecca Jane Photography (http://www.rebeccajanephotography.net/#) and she has different packages and you can add a second photographer if you need one.  For 10 hours, engagement photos (or session for trash the dress, bridal photos, ect), print credits for both wedding day and other session, a photo book, digital galleries and discs of both the wedding and print rights to all photos it was under 2k.  Rebeca was really down to earth, I felt that she has an artistic appeal to her photos and when we met with her she wanted to know about us and wasn't just making it a business transaction. 
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    Cheryl Jones is amazing. She is right in that range as well and she is just perfect. 

    she just sent me this pic of our wedding (3 days ago!) 

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