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What is everyone's proposal stories? I love reading about everyones.

And, I won't lie, I love telling me. It actually turned out sweet and romantic, which I did not except from my FI at all. Like, I honestly expected him to randomly just turn to me and give me a ring, haha.

Anyways, here is mine. Oh, and for a little background, I went to college for photo, so I always have a camera with me and take photos of everything.
We want on a day trip for our 3rd year anniversary, which included a local state park, mini golf, dinner, ice cream, and drive-in movies about 40 minutes away from where we live.
At the state park we stopped to look at one of the waterfalls. We took a trail that went close to the top, stopping at the 'look-out' station places. On the way down, we stopped at one spot we had already stood at, and just waited. I was completely clueless. He was apparently waiting for no one to be on the trail near us.
Finally, my FI pointed at something random near the waterfall (not even the waterfall itself) and wanted me to take a picture. I refused, telling him it was silly. Finally I gave in and took the picture. As I turned around to be sarcastic to him, that I got the dumb picture and whatnot, he was standing their with the ring in his hand.


"Photo kids date computer geeks because they scare everyone else. Geeks are much more desperate"

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