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I'm having a Marie Antoinette wedding

Laughing Starting off I'm uber excited!  Okay, our ceremony is going to be pretty traditional with a lot of offbeat to it.  I'm thinking lace-edged program fans or scrolls, baroque candleabras and the rest is "normal".  I want my guests to be totally surprised when the reception area is unveiled.  That's where the Marie Antoinette really comes in.. with living tables, lace napkins and what not.  I love that stuff!!  I'm not going for the big picture, but everything will be mainly in the details.

Then.. I've been thinking about doing it simply by just going for an English garden approach.  It's dreamy but to me it's been done too many times.  His family thinks I'm very 'proper', by the way that I talk and my mannerism.  They don't really know me yet.  My fiance is fun like me, hilarious and we are both optimists.  His family thinks I'm hilarious because I'm so proper.  That's funny Smile

I am honoring my Grandparents so that is why my wedding needs to be Irish or British-like but not literally or too much of it because I don't want a cute-sy fairy-tale princessy type of wedding.  So that's why I'm going French baroque with a harder edge. This is going to be more of an adult wedding, not a kiddy one.  There will be plenty of alcohol, fun. of course Cake!  

Anybody know of anyone who has pulled off an affair like this? Cool

Re: I'm having a Marie Antoinette wedding

  • this sounds amazing! are you searching wedding blogs? i'm sure there has to be something out there.  try the!
  • Congrats and have fun! I'm no help though because we are among the first of our friends to get married. Haven't been to a wedding in 10 years!
  • For your English Garden part what do you think of china teacups for added elegance? I looked into collecting the cups and saucers through Amazon, garage sales, and store sales.
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  • I have garment elements in my wedding which are Rococco. 

    Are you familar with: They offer beautiful, Italian-made satin and silk upper/leather soled period shoes.  You can have them custom dyed, any color.  It's a pricey product, but very well made and can then later be dyed by them again.  I'm having the ones with bows, dyed wisteria grey-blue to match my dress. 

    Your ideas sound really beautiful and fun at the same time!  (And pricey! - but hey if you can do it, go for it!)

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