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XP and AW: E-Pics showed up

I love my e-pics!  They don't look "offbeat" per se, but they're cool anyways.  The photog had never shot in the location we picked, and he loved it.  We loved being his models for the day.  They turned out amazing.

I don't currently have a way to share them unless you create a login at www.pictage.com/1051454. It'll be awhile before we get the digital files. 

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Re: XP and AW: E-Pics showed up

  • sloanawsloanaw member
    i love your pics! (i already had an account on there.) youre outfit is so cute! where did you get that headband?
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  • It's from JC Penneys.  Had to have it once I saw it, it was so cute!
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  • MeatAuditorMeatAuditor member
    edited May 2011
    K, I was able to snag one of the few the photog put on FB and make it my new avatar.  Shout-out to photog Steve Fogarty for the amazingness!

    EDIT:  At least I thought I set it that way.  TK isn't showing the new one yet.  Blargh.
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  • edited May 2011
    Well poo on TK for not showing your pic!  I wanted to see!  I can't see your pics until I get home from work, and that's just not fair, lol.

    ETA:  As soon as this posted, your pic showed up, lol.
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  • SO cute! It looks like you had fun too :)
  • You pictures are beautiful! I really like the feel of them :)

    That reminds me I need to get mine done already lol.
  • Thanks all!  I'm currently glad we're splurging on photography.  Unlike cake and flowers, it'll last after the wedding day. 
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