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something borrowed, something blue...something CHEAP!!!

BACK STORY: When we first got engaged about a year ago, my fiance and I decided we wanted a simple wedding.  Something sweet, genuine, and small.  Because we are both such fantasy enthusiasts, we also decided to give a slight Renaissance twist to an otherwise normal wedding.  My dress is a simple, medeival gown.  I'll be walking barefoot down the aisle to "Stairway to Heaven."  The ceremony will be outdoors in a beautiful (but small) woodland section of the botanical gardens.  The groomsmen are in brown tuxes and the bridesmaids are in festive pesant dresses. All of our closest family members and a few friends will be there.  We were expecting about 50 people, all told.
Well, then his mom got involved.  Let it be said, I love the woman to death.  She is very outgoing and very generous and very loving.  But I don't think she understands that we are financing this wedding by ourselves because my father is broke and so is my mother.  She started making Nathan feel guilty about not inviting some of her friends.  And not just a few... A LOT.  Some of them, he doesn't even know who they are.  But she kept telling him they'd be hurt if he didn't invite them, and if it's one thing Nate can't do, it's willingly hurt another human being.  (He's a CLS in the military; he's seen enough wounds and heartache.)  So our guest list for the ceremony alone blossomed (like a mushroom cloud) from 50 to 113.  Mind you, each seat costs money on top of the base rental price that we can barely afford.  At the reception, another 100 or so will drift in (because some were just invited to the reception, since the ceremony was so expensive), bringing the grand total for catering and drinks to about 200 people.  So much for simple! 
At first, we budgeted for it pretty well.  Nate's dad said they would help with the wedding and pay for half the honeymoon.  This was a huge help!  We would just have enough if they did this.  But now, they aren't going to pay for anything.  My mom has already contributed all she can, being a single mother going through college, herself.  She's also making my dress and my bridesmaids' dresses.  My father is not well off, financially.  It's going to tap their savings just to drive up for the wedding.  He feels bad about not being able to contribute monitarily, so they're making all the party favors for us and bringing them up when they come.  We were really relying on Nate's parents (who are very well off, mind you) to help us out a little bit with the expenses, especially since they're the ones who doubled the expenses of a very simple wedding.
I've cut all the extraneous expenses, but we still won't have enough money to cover it all.  We're alreayd got everything reserved (back when we thought his parents were helping), so we're a bit stranded, here.
Not to mention the fact that the entire style of the wedding was suited for just close friends and family who know us well.  I'm afraid that my tastes are too simple and all these people I don't know are going to think "ooh, she chose that?  Goodness...Nate did find himself a quaint little oddball, didn't he?  Where's the flash?  Where's the elegance?  This is the hokiest wedding I've ever been to!"

HELP: Our final option seems to be to take out a loan to pay off the remaining expenses.  Has anyone else done this before?  Have you had any luck?  What was your experience, and do you have any advice or tips for a frantic, depressed bride? 
At the end of my rope with two months to go
Mrs. Roush
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